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Blended from highly refined virgin base oil, Rizol Engine Oils are premium grade engine oils sourced from Indian refineries.
Rizol Grease is premium quality grease and the first choice when it comes to plain and roller bearings, joints, chassis etc
Offering a wide range of tailor made greases and oils for special industrial and automotive applications.
Offering a wide range of tailor made greases and oils for special industrial and automotive applications.
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Over the years, our company named BALDWIN has been assisting industry enhance system reliability via best practice oil and lubrication analysis. This approach has transformed how companies monitor and manage lubricants for maintaining maximum safety and reliability. Therefore, we are considered among the world's best companies in terms of advisor. We are also an environmental advancement company committed to cost-effective and intact solutions to various environment issues. Besides, we provide expertise and innovations to help workers of industrial boilers and compression-ignition engines fulfill everchanging strict emissions needs. Our company is also creating innovative ways to assist global power plant workers fulfill the continuously increasing electricity demand with heavier oil items that are formulated to burn efficiently, cleanly and economically. Moreover, we are fulfilling the difficulty of offering even cleaner and safer combusting biodiesel petroleum with new generation emulsified fuels.

Offering lubrication advising training and services globally
Disseminated practices via internationally-leading consulting services, training courses and videos
Delivering emulsified fuel of diesel grade for both medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines
Emulsified fuel oil for both power generation and industrial boilers

Why Prefer Us?

We are seller impartial and fair-minded. Our practice guarantees impartial proposals and outcomes. Besides, our consulting and education services are not impacted by selling filters, lubricants and different items. lubrication is everything we do. This is our only competency.
We function with clients around the world, and can offer consulting and training services in numerous dialects in many nations, which means we can almost certainly support their endeavors in any of their worldwide facilities.

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  • Manufacturing limit of over 15000 MT for every annum
  • Coordinated management systems, for example, iso:9001:2008, oHsAs:18001:2007 and iso 14001:2004
  • Serve the world with the best items
  • Facilitated with an Export House
  • Innovative item: Lithium Greases is generally welcomed internationally including nations such as US, Europe, and India
  • Transparent Greases that are amazingly perfect and deliver incredibly durable service
The best in class infrastructure equipped with cutting edge RD and QC labs that are well-furnished with world-class testing systems, managed by skilled personals.
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